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Commercial Postings

Please note that while most postings are for free, JJCF charges for the following:

  • Items for sale above R3000
  • Commercial (for profit) postings
  • The sale or rental of all types of properties (residential, business or holiday)
  • Advertising for services including but not limited to: au pairs, domestic workers, caregivers, gardeners, night nurses, drivers, handymen, tutors etc.

In order to better accommodate your needs, JJCF offers 5 pre-paid packages of different sizes. We also offer a value-added service of automatically sending your commercial postings for you!

Payment can be made by PayPal (PP) or Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT).

Pricing is as follows:

No. of adverts Price for
Optional extra for
automatic posting
1R70not available

Picture ads

Make your ad stand out from the rest! For R160 (or R590 for a bundle of 4), you can include a 400x400 picture in your advert, and it will automatically be promoted to the top of the digest in which it appears.

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JJCF Banner Adverts

Taking a banner advert out on our JJCF mailings is an ideal way of advertising your business and increasing brand awareness within a very focused market. Currently each JJCF email has 2 dedicated large banner adverts on the top and bottom of each email and various smaller banners on the side of each email. Thus, your banner will be seen a number of times a day by thousands of relevant viewers, giving you immeasurable brand recognition in addition to sales from click-throughs. It is also often the case that a single sale will cover your advertising costs. All banners are linkable to your website, or an online brochure.

Prices of Banner Adverts are:

  • Side banner (220*120 pixels) - from R1,500-R1,800 per month
  • Top banner (760*100 pixels) - R4,000 per month
  • Half top banner (360*100 pixels) - R2,500 per month
  • Bottom banner (760*100 pixels) - R1,500 per month

Please contact sales@jjcf.info for more information.

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Click here to see the rules of advertising.

JJCF Marketing 4 U

The Marketing 4 U campaign allows you to reap the benefit of both Text Adverts and Banner Adverts. Currently each JJCF email has 2 dedicated large banner adverts on the top and bottom of each email and various smaller banner adverts on the side of each email. With the JJCF Marketing 4 U offering, we are providing the opportunity to share banner advertising space with other advertisers i.e. adverts will rotate between multiple advertisers on a daily basis. In addition, we will automatically send text adverts on your behalf.

Packages available:

  • Silver (R385/month) - rotating banner plus one text advert per week
  • Gold (R485/month) - rotating banner plus 2 text adverts per week

Please email us for more information.

JJCF Sponsored Adverts

As a JJCF sponsor, you can create your own email advert, that will go out as a dedicated mail, with no other content, directly to each of our subscribers. For only R1100 for one, or R3,900 for 4, it's an ideal way to create brand awareness, to notify the community of events or specials offers by your business. Please contact sales@jjcf.info for more information.

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JJCF Bulletins

If you wish to find out more about advertising on our JJCF bulletins, please contact sales@jjcf.info.

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Payment options

Unfortunately, JJCF no longer accepts credit card, cheque, or cash payments.


Payment can be made directly on this site using PayPal.

Note: Since PayPal cannot accept payment in SA Rands (ZAR), the amount billed will be converted into Israeli Shekels (ILS) as at the current exchange rate. The ZAR amount debited from your card account may therefore vary slightly from the amount that appears here.

Click here to pay with PayPal

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

Payments can be made by EFT to: Standard Bank, generic branch code 051001, account no 007011261 (Behr).

Please be sure to send proof of payment to payments@jjcf.info, including your name, email address and what package you wish to purchase.

Please note the following:

  1. Cash and cheques are not accepted. If you deposit cash or cheques into our account, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to honour, or even refund the payment.
  2. If your advert is not published because of failure to send proof of payment to JJCF, this will not constitute grounds for a refund.